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Cloud-Dew Architecture Experimental Site

By his knowledge ... the clouds let drop the dew. (Proverbs 3:20)


The Future of Cloud-Dew Architecture

Being a fundamental and widely-applicable architecture, the cloud-dew architecture has a potential to deeply influence the future landscape of computer applications. From our perspective, the adoption of the cloud-dew architecture may go through the following stages:

Stage 1: Research and Individual Adoption

In this stage, research will be the focus: dew server structures, database synchronization, and other technical details will be investigated; dewsite standards will become available. A few pioneer dew servers and dewsites will be available.

Stage 2: Adoption Begins to Take Shape

Various kinds of dew servers and thousands of dewsites are available. Web-surfing without Internet is a reality

Stage 3: Large Scale Adoption

Millions of dewsites are available. A few kinds of dew servers are dominant in the market. Laptop computers become popular again. Users demand more powerful local laptops and desktops because they want to keep many dewsites in their computers. Information on local computers might be reorganized into dewsites. In other words, all user local information could be organized in dewsites.

HT-Space: HT-Space was the first cloud-dew architecture experimental system. It is still working, especially it works even no dew server was installed in the local computer. It is here mainly for archive purposes.


Note: HT-Space does not require registration. You can login to HT-Space using your OpenID. We won't know your password. Your OpenID provider will handle all your credentials.

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