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Cloud-Dew Architecture Experimental Site

By his knowledge ... the clouds let drop the dew. (Proverbs 3:20)



HT-Space is a cloud-dew architecture experimental system that was built to test the ideas of this architecture. This system includes a website and a dewsite The dewsite was built on our local computer. To demonstrate this experimental system, we needed to install a dew server and the dewsite on the user's local computer. To make the procedure easier, we setup as a website simulating the dewsite. Without going through the installation process, a user can have the same experience as if a dew server and this dewsite have been installed in the user's local computer. Although the simulation website can provide the same experience as if a dew server is installed in the local computer, it will not work without an Internet connection because it is not local. Ideally, we should prepare a dew server package for users to download and install in his/her local computer. We are still in the process of developing a package that can be easily installed. We welcome readers to join our development process. If you have interest, you may send email to

The basic functionalities of HT-Space are very simple: a user can create, edit, save, and delete HTML files. A user does not need to register to use this website. This website accepts OpenId login.

Both the website and the dewsite have HT-Space's basic functionalities, and they are kept synchronized. Their differences are: (1) The website does not work without an Internet connection, but the dewsite does (the current website simulation does not); (2) The website serves all users, but the dewsite only serves one user.

The dewsite does not accept OpenId login, because that the OpenId login needs an Internet connection. To keep the dewsite usable without an Internet connection, OpenId login cannot be used. Users have to go through a simple registration process to use the dewsite.

HT-Space: HT-Space was the first cloud-dew architecture experimental system. It is still working, especially it works even no dew server was installed in the local computer. It is here mainly for archive purposes.


Note: HT-Space does not require registration. You can login to HT-Space using your OpenID. We won't know your password. Your OpenID provider will handle all your credentials.

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